Comprehensive and modular solutions

We create and manage customized online store solutions to integrate your online store in your business model and the rest of the sales channels efficiently. We guarantee a great shopping and omnichannel experience to your clients, so you attain your sales target and ROI.

“We believe that an online E-commerce strategy it is not about «one size fits all», but it is clearly linked to an offline strategy, where the channel and price policy are key determinants, even more in our sector”

– Didac Lee (Co-Founder, The etailers) –

How can we help you?



We help you creating an online strategy based on your business goals, to make your E-commerce plan a big success.



Visibility and position based on an appropriate market segmentation.



Support and integrated management that enables and strengthens all the commercial processes.


Before we create your E-commerce, let’s talk about your company

Technology by itself it does not generate value, but if it is adapted to the needs and goals of your business, it can potentiate your competitive advantage and secure a clear path during the online purchase process.

“We believe that to become the best E-commerce provider for your company, we need to have a complete vision of your business and online services, covering from the strategy to the technology, and of course, the services like marketing and operations”

– Santiago Sánchez (Co-Founder and CEO, The etailers) –

Developing your E-commerce with Magento

The implementation of your online store impacts all the significant processes of your company, so we take seriously our job. Magento is the most reliable tool for developing your E-commerce: strong, powerful and scalable. It easily adapts to the needs of the consumer and the seller, facilitating the navigation, the product search and the online purchase process.

Scalable platform

  • Multichannel solutions
  • Modular system
  • Advanced order and sales management
  • Powerful control panel
  • Reporting system
  • Intelligent management metrics
  • Statistics and reports


  • Design personalization
  • Comprehensive management of the product catalogue
  • Synchronized stock
  • Payment gateways integration
  • Unlimited categories and attributes for each product
  • Design for several devices (mobile phones, tablet)

Customer focus

  • Promotions and marketing tools
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Several online payment methods
  • Comments and opinions about the products
  • Social Media integrations
  • CRM
  • Internationalization support (languages, currencies)


Sharing our knowledge to help you lead your E-commerce to success